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The Philippines

There are some of us who live in this country and love it no matter who wins the lottery, the prize, the pageantry, or the race as the case may be.

So for us, it is just a matter of living our daily lives, and our own little thing within the sphere of our abilities, capabilities and resources.

Noynoy has been gifted with a wonderful mandate by our people; it is the people's sincere hope that he, and whoever is close to him, will NOT squander this mandate.

Take the cudgels from the illiterate, the powerless and the silent, the overwhelming majority of our people. Learn the lessons of history, for this is, again, history in the making. Do not frustrate the hope and will of our people.

Above all, discern with clarity those who speak truth, and those who only wish to hide behind the veneer of truth. Good luck, and God bless to all of us.

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